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Tips for online dating

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Water tastes wild good sometimes. Like usually it’s whatever but sometimes you get a sip and it’s like god damn.

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did mulder and scully ever even solve a single case. they must’ve had the worst record in the Bureau. every case report was just “mulder thinks it’s aliens, the evidence is inconclusive and we have no proof.” how did they not get fired.

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He ‘helped’ make the bed, took twice as long. (He even got between the mattress and the wall at one point to ‘pull down’ the box sheet.)

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when is it my turn to be in a cute relationship

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I just want to make a formal announcement that while for most of my life I have been almost exclusively here for older men, I am now an equal opportunity objectifier of men, bring on the young meat as well ok

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More photos from earlier’s self portrait and color therapy session. 

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